On the farm

Holiday at an establishment abounding in tradition and history

Matthes Moser was first mentioned in the 15th Century, a direct ancestor of our family, who gave his name to the “Moser-Hube” (Moser homestead) Many generations have made their living in the meantime working the land, later moving into hospitality. We still farm the land and have not forgotten our roots.

Where else, if not here, would it possible to experience nature so intensely and discover the animals’ personalities: frolicking, fascinating, interesting and multifaceted … you can experience all this and more as guests at our farmstead.

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Where does milk come from?

How many calves does a cow get? How is butter made? Does the cow have some chewing gum?
Lots of questions that we will be happy to answer.


Farm’s own products

Milk produced on our farm contains high-quality fatty acids, the knowledge of its high value encourages us to refine this further and to reproduce this good taste at a grass-roots level.


Agriculture close-up