Plunge into the silence of lake Weissensee

Green and blue shimmering light effects, mysterious, dancing plants and playful fish; in the depths of magnificent lake Weissensee in the Southern Austrian State of Carinthia, mesmerising spectacles of nature are just waiting to be discovered.

The fourth largest lake in Carinthia, quite rightly it owns the title of the most scenic diving environment in the Alps. A visibility range of up to 20 metres is not rare and at 50 metres there is still half-light.

From the beginning of June, the water reaches a pleasant temperature but, in September, you will find the lake probably at its best, when the flora and fauna reaches its peak.
But also in winter, Ernest Turnschek and his diving school will offer scuba divers an adrenalin-pumping experience that you will almost certainly not find anywhere else. Also, put your diving to the test and discover the world of ice diving. So, put on your neoprene gear or dry-suit and plunge into the depths of a spectacular underwater world.
The water is crystal clear because suspended matter precipitates to the lake floor thanks to the sealed icecap. The sun shining through the icecap is refracted through the ice creating captivating light effects through the translucent water. If you are lucky, you can expect black ice and you will be able observe skaters and ramblers through the icecap.