Heavenly hiking

On Shank’s pony around Lake Weissensee

The morning mist lifts above the lake, before breakfast hop into the crystal-clear and refreshing water – a great way to start the day. The house is still very quiet and only a small group gathers. Mountain shoes are fastened, backpack is packed, walking sticks are on hand – a special expectation surrounds this day. Today is a challenge for everybody – off up the local mountain with Thomas.

It’s steadily uphill over the Sonnseitn-Steig up to Moser’s Boden, where our ancestors still go up every year for hay making. On the Stosia, on the edge of the woods, we take a well-deserved rest. In the bright morning sunshine at a height of 1,700 metres food just tastes so good. Now the summit is within reach but there’s still 300 elevated metres to overcome. But we did it. With a loud cry of joy and a strong schnapps we make a toast to our summit victory… an unforgettable experience.
If you prefer to take the trail by yourself, then you will find well-marked hiking trails along the picturesque lake as well as up to the alpine huts, where the hut-keepers await with Carinthian delicacies, and ultimately up to the world of the two thousands peaks and beyond.

There are also a number of exciting theme paths providing information on fishing and fishermen, on the world of bees, the wet meadows with their colourful flora and fauna, on the forest glass from the 17th century and on the Weissensee fairy tale "The Kiss of Dawn and the Silver Moon".

Two-thirds of the shore are unspoilt and the emphasis everywhere is on nature, as confirmed by the “Weissensee Nature Park” quality seal.