The Winkler Family

Four generations under one roof

Family is important to us, always. Eating lunch all seated around the large kitchen table is part of our daily family routine. There is always a lot to talk about and discuss. Together we are invincible and overcome the small stumbling blocks in life.

We are fortunate to have been blessed with a beautiful natural landscape. Few have a spring with fields of flowers, a summer with a bathing lake, a golden autumn with colourful forests and a winter with snow and ice – all four seasons in all their splendour. We want to share this good fortune with our holiday guests. Be it a stroll through the herbs of the spring meadows with Brigitte, on a mountain tour to the cows and calves on our pastures with Hans, at a fish tasting on the pleasure raft in late summer with the landlord Thomas or a fun game of Bavarian curling with our grandfather in winter.

Your well-being is important to us. And in the evening, we take the time to tell you a little about us and our lives in the cosy farmhouse parlour.


Your holiday host is always there to make sure your vacation is an extra-special experience

Kopie von The new generation …

is the new pillar of the family


takes loving care of all guests and spoils them with delights from our organic farm