Alpine curling

Everyone can take part in the game of sliding ice sticks (similar to curling stones or rocks) for striking the wooden “Daube” (wooden cube)

There are countless Alpine curling groups – guests and locals gather in numbers on lake Weissensee in winter to practise their hobby. This testifies to the popularity of this time-honoured sport. The aim of the game is to get the curling stone as close as possible to the Daube (a wooden cube at the end of the shooting sheet – similar to the game of bowls or curling).

As soon as the lake finally provides a stable icecap, then there is no holding back our grandfather and his friends. Day after day, they stand in the “Fuaßen” (elongated grooves cut into the ice to give the shooters the necessary secure footing) and give rein to their enthusiasm – for Alpine curling.

The “Moar” or “skip”, the captain of the team so to speak, leads off and attempts, as the first player, to get his curling stone as close as possible to the Daube. “That was a good shot”, praises Gerhard, meaning that grandpa’s ice stick has come quite close to the Daube.

Without doubt, the wooden Daube striking game is a sociable sport; as far as the cold is concerned, standing on smoothly polished ice, which even the longest leggings in the world cannot combat, the shooters are forced to seek warmth from the inside. And what is better suited for achieving this in the winter season than a “Schnapserl” (a glass of schnapps) or a steaming glass of “Glühmost” (mulled wine) which is supplied by the residence housekeeper in giant thermoses arriving by sleigh.
  • Curling stones available
  • Ice claws available for preventing slipping on the ice
  • Catering sleighs